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What do Teams do?
The Teams put the mission statement of MARQUES into practice. Each Team has a remit within which they operate. Currently MARQUES has 19 Teams, as well as two special Task Forces, with more than 200 members involved in them. All the members devote their time to MARQUES as volunteers and in addition to their regular jobs, and it is thanks to them that MARQUES can achieve so much on behalf of brand owners. To find out more about the work the Teams are involved in, please click on the relevant Team from the list above.

The Teams typically meet in person twice a year, at the Annual Conference which is usually in mid-September and at the Spring Team Meeting which is usually in early March. The Teams may also have telephone meetings and correspond through email during the rest of the year.

How can I join a Team?
MARQUES holds elections for membership of its Teams every 2 years. The election procedure enables all long standing MARQUES members (also new MARQUES members) to join a team, to encourage a better mix of corporate and expert members and to allow Teams to bring in specific expertise and/or align the geographical spread of the members with the activities of the Team.

Team membership is for a two-year term starting which starts on the 1st of September with an option to serve for a further 2 years at the discretion of the Team Chair. As well as Team members each Team also has a Chair and a Vice-Chair to co-ordinate the role of the Team.

Current Teams are in place until 31 August 2025 and applications will open up for the next term (starting on 1 September 2025) in March 2025 and close in April 2025.

Further information on what is expected of a MARQUES Team Member can be found in the Team Operations Procedure.








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